We are Moombahteam

Moombahteam is an act from The Netherlands, consisting of Erik Groen and Gijs Schuurmans.

With the luxury of new technology and their oldskool approach of music they produce the Moombahteam sound. That’s why Moombahteam is known worldwide as fresh, innovative and always on top of their game. With their danceable music and high-energy performance a Moombahteam show is an experience you don’t want to miss!


Erik Groen created Moombahteam with his leadership and vision. He is energetic, always positive and a great producer with his own signature sound. As an experienced DJ he delivers a high-level DJ performance at every gig. He is a natural born artist and music is his second nature. Erik can be described as one of the most driven persons in the music industry with a lot of experience and talent. His biggest drive is to bring his idea of music and performance into the world.


Gijs Schuurmans is a positive and enthusiastic person. With his creative influences and his knowledge of social media he forms the perfect balance for Moombahteam. Gijs is dedicated, ambitious and works hard to achieve his dreams. Besides that he is the man with the microphone on stage and hypes up the crowd with his never ending enthusiasm.
His natural charm will even grab you.

Upcoming shows

Winterglow Gala
26 / 02 / 16
On stage: 23:30
Theater De Lindenberg
Nijmegen, NL
04 / 03 / 16
On stage: 22:00
Zeeland, NL

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